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An evidence-based resource aimed at helping clinicians make decisions in clinical practice.  Now includes a section on cancer survivorship, with an expanding topic reviews.
Requires a subscription, often available at local hospitals and libraries.

Current topics include (among others):
Overview of cancer survivorship care for primary care and oncology providers
Assuring quality of care for cancer survivors: The survivorship care plan
Approach to the care of long-term testicular cancer survivors
Overview of approach to prostate cancer survivors
Overview of infertility and pregnancy outcome in cancer survivors
Endocrinopathies in the childhood cancer survivor
Overview of approach to cervical cancer survivors
Overview of approach to endometrial cancer survivors
Approach to the patient following treatment for breast cancer
Approach to the long-term survivor of colorectal cancer
The roles of diet, physical activity, and body weight in cancer survivorship
Cancer survivorship: Cardiovascular and respiratory issues
Overview of the approach to survivors of epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, or peritoneal carcinomas
Overview of approach to long-term survivors of head and neck cancer
Oral health in cancer survivors
Patterns of relapse and long-term complications of therapy in breast cancer survivors
Physical rehabilitation for cancer survivors
Overview of care for adult survivors of non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Cognitive function after cancer and cancer-related treatment
Ovarian failure due to anticancer drugs and radiation
Overview of the approach to the adult survivor of classical Hodgkin lymphoma
Surveillance after colorectal cancer resection
Assuring quality of care for cancer survivors: The survivorship care plan 

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Free online CME and CE programs.

Programs available in selected areas of cancer survivorship.  Sign-up required for access.

Teen Cancer America
The Monthly Drip is a monthly webinar hosted by Teen Cancer America to provide current education on AYA related topics for healthcare professionals.

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